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Plaster of Paris (POP) (Insulted My Father) | My Head No Plaster | (ComedyZone Skirt) (Episode 1)

Lol!!!. This comedy video is very hilarious. You can imagine a father reporting to his son that he was insulted, just as he promised the boy that he will report him to his son, thinking that his son will become his super hero, only for the sons’ head to be broken and beaten up mercilessly and got bandage on his head and  POP (plaster of paris) on his arm. The boy who beat him and insulted  his father thought that the fight is over and he has won after insulting his father and breaking his head and had POP on his arm and bandaged up and down.

Finally the boy meet his friends who SYMPATHIZED WITH HIM AND got angry at what happened to him and decided to help him retaliate the beating he gave him and the insult he gave his father. His own punishment became worst as he was punished for a year for a crime of 3 minutes… hahahaahhahaha. Please relax and enjoy the vidoe. You are permitted to watch as many times as possible

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