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Halloween makeup (The height of Art) | The Horror Zone (Terrifying Alarm)

Halloween makeup… . We have got something that will scare you a bit and make your blood boil a little. The video you are about to see is actually a Halloween make over or artistry by a Nigerian, actually an Igbo lady; I must tell you. She is very creative.  Seeing her paintings and took special interest in what she is doing, this is because works like hers needs to be encouraged. She had a lot of artistic connotation to her work in the video. Looking at this video you will be thrilled and taken aback and will have nothing coming out of your mouth like woooah.. so you will see why her work needs to be encouraged.. if you are a person that likes horror, this is going to be a good short for you. You are going to see how the artist made the craft from the beginning to the end of the work. this is awesome art, infect the height of art

 Fortunately, Halloween is one of those creative art that can scare you to your bone marrow if you don’t hold yourself. The Good part is that the work is done on her face. After seeing this video art will be appreciated. The good news is that there is an element of horror embedded in the video, which is excellently placed.

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