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One day I just decided to take a walk off my house to see around my environment.  I discovered that my environment was actually very rough. I was so shocked at what I saw. It was thrilling; I didn’t know I had such an environment around me. I had to take a walk down the street, where I discovered that I had a river running through my area down to another side of the city. I saw the good plan from the wonderful view from the mountain top down to the valley slop. To be sincere where I stand I could see the extent to which the River covers and the ground and green fields it watered that was planted around the area. It was a view to behold, I must tell you; seeing them from the hill tops.

Walking down from my street, I noticed that it was very dusty but very friendly and a cool environment. The problem is that the dust is too much while there are on coming vouches from another end, but what can we do. I really discovered the beautiful creation of nature, it was very awesome. In as much as it is fun, thrilling. I enjoyed the stroll around because sometimes when you steay at a place, it’s good to take a walk around your environment to know what the area looks like and what you are dealing with. Enjoy the Video to see what I saw.

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