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During the Xmas season when I went home, I thought it wise to take a walk around the village with members of my crew, as it has been a while I went home. Home Sweet Home… I shouted and screamed..!!! We went to the market square, where the village buying and selling take place. We went to the slitter house where cows and goats are spluttered for meat and sold. After that, we went into the market area s it was not the market day, to see the structure of the market. They had to accompany me to see old friends that I have not seen in a while and observe the changes in the village. Work and structures being erected in the market and in the village in general. I saw lots of development going on in the village as so many people have started building new house in some areas that was covered by bush; those areas have suddenly become urban areas in a twinkle of an eye…

 It was actually fun, awesome and cool as I really enjoyed myself during the Xmas festive season. The environment was welcoming. It gave me an oppurnity to meet people I have not met in a while that I left behind. So as you see the video, try joining me in the adventure in your mind I think that will be worthwhile

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