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Lion KING (Facial Artistry) | Step-by Step method | Talent Push (Halloween mastery)

The lion being the King of the jungle is in no contention. That is to categorically state that the Lion is the King of the jungle. That to my own opinion should not be contested and I will state the reason. When the Lion sees other animals including the elephant, the lion sees a prey (food) while when the other animals see the lion what come to their mind is run. That is they RUN!!!.  Have you ever wondered that the lion is not actually the strongest animal or the wisest nor the smartest (the most clever) you can make your research but the Lion is still the KING.

The LION KING!!!… I want to believe that some of you must have seen this movie called the THE LION KING, some of us saw the movie while we were growing up. A lady who is talented, and decided to make a drawing and a painting (Artistry) of the Lion KING on her face and she succeeded to turn her face to that of the LION KING as in the movie. This is just the height of it (Artistry). It is thrilling. From the beginning to the end was well crafted. The step by step sketch as to how she designed her face to look like the lion king will amuse you.  You are going to be thrilled as to how somebody seat down and painted herself into looking like the lion KING. You have to be careful so that you don’t mistake her for the LION KING itself. Take a look at this artistic work of art and see what art can give. It gives joy to the soul

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