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The CRIPPLE Cobbler (Who Makes Shoes for those With Legs) | Made Coffee Shoe Sole with Coffee Colour

Have you ever wondered that this cobbling business which is the shoe or footwear industry is a thriving one in Nigeria? When you talk about cobblers; you talk about shoes, sandals and all kinds and brands of foot wears. Your mind goes to making of footwears like cover shoes and boots into different shapes and sizes of your choice and make it beautiful for different and/or a  particular occasion.

To my greatest surprise I came across a cobbler who is a cripple; are you surprised? Am telling you, a cripple. If you see what this man dose with shoes, you will wonder how can somebody who does not wear shoe, make shoes for those who wear shoe. That is funny right? Seriously speaking I was really taken aback, and I decided to pay him a visit and you will be shocked and amazed at what he was able to come up with. It was so amazing, I was thrilled. The shoe he made came out very good and nice. I was not really expecting something of that nature.

To my greatest surprise, he started and finished a shoe and the result was breath taking. I really enjoyed my stay with him. I think it will be nice you see this video and see what he did and what it came out like so that you get amazed as I was seeing this cripple cobbler build a shoe from nothing to something; from scratch to finish.

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